Beautiful Hair on Order. Does the Pre-Wedding Hair Oil Treatment Make Sense?

A stunning bride amazes with a dress and a hairstyle. Before the big day, you should provide your hair with a full care. Even the best stylist isn’t going to do your hair out of nothing. Hair oils are must-haves in the pre-wedding beauty care.

I’m sure all women know they must attach great importance to the beauty routine before a wedding. Replace your regular cream with a deeply-nourishing and illuminating serum. Make an appointment for manicure and a rejuvenating facial e.g. oxygen infusion. Why do we only think about hands and skin? Obviously, wedding rings look better on soft and smooth hands whereas make-up looks flawless on a spotless face. Let’s not forget about the huge role of… hair!

An ideal wedding hairstyle is possible only if your hair is healthy, strong and well-maintained. It’s easier to style and doesn’t break with every stroke of a comb or styling tool. And a bridal veil or a hair wreath – after all, it needs something to stick to.

Caring for hair before your wedding is hands down a must. Many brides-to-be choose the keratin smoothing treatment which isn’t the best idea. Hair might be hard to style and too slick to stay in a given hairstyle. You’d better do your best to make the hair healthy and stunning a few months before the big day e.g. by applying natural hair oils.

A hair oil treatment is a natural way to nourish your hair, get the right hydration level and repair the strands. Rubbing oils into your scalp prevents thinning and may boost faster hair growth. In this way, you both make your natural hair longer and save money you would spend on hair extensions (because you get a volume boost).

When to start using oils? If you want to have strong, voluminous and long hair for your wedding day, begin the treatment minimum three months ahead. You can start earlier because there are no time limits. The naturalness of oils lets you apply them all the time without any breaks. Why don’t you make your own hair oiling schedule? Regularity is a must for the visible and long-term effects of the hair oil treatment. Applying oils before every hair wash is a brilliant idea.

Coconut oil, argan oil, jojoba oil and almond oil are among the ones working for hair care. Still, the choice depends on the desired effects. Bridal hair care requires the use of a natural cosmetic that repairs, strengthens and beautifies. Castor oil makes a good choice because it stimulates faster hair growth when you massage it into the scalp. Applying coconut oil to hair ends or lengths delivers the hydration and keeps splitting away. While styling, use argan oil for protection whereas avocado oil brings regeneration.

It’s a key thing that oils can be mixed or used by turns. They work for home masks and enriching beauty products.