Aegyo sal – Beauty is what you consider it to be

aegyo-sal.jpgLong night, stress, fatigue and loose skin in eyes area are signs of ageing… how much money have you spent on this super expensive eye cream and all kinds and types of concealers to hide your eye bags? Did you start to seriously consider surgical removal of them? Then what would you say if we tell you that Asian girls think of those bags as a beauty perfection? They pay a lot for plastic surgeries to achieve them. There are also make-up tricks allowing creation of visual effect of eye bags on the lower eyelid. Apparently, beauty is relative and it only is what you consider it to be.

“Puppy eyes” make-up trend is also called aegyo sal. In free translation it means ‘eye smiles’ or ‘cute skin’. It perfectly reflects the effect desired by all Asian girls: right below the lower eye lashes line, on the lower eyelid have to be small bag. In Europe it is treated as a sign of fatigue and skin loosing its firmness. While in Korea they believe that their eyes with aegyo sal seem bigger and more natural, you may say “European”.

Eye bags are in Asia, an indication of true beauty. They make face gain more girly charm and lose its fake, plastic and untrustworthy appearance. Aegyo sal allows your face to have more friendly looking face, and that is related with being more attractive. Eyes instantly seem bigger and the look deeper.

Aegyo sal is really simple to perform. You just need light eye shadow – best matte or sateen. Because pearl eye shadow will give unnatural effect. The other product you will need is eye pencil – needs to be a tone darker than the colour of chosen eye shadow.

Apply eye shadow on lower eyelid – it has to cover eyelid on its entire length. Right below it draw thin line with the eye pencil. Line cannot separate to much from the skin, because then the effect will be phony. Now you have to gently blend it so that make-up become cohesive. This way you achieve ‘Asian smile’. Ready? Maybe next time you will be more understanding about your eye bags…?

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