Enjoy beautiful feet all year round. How to take care of heel skin and nails?

skin-care.jpgWinter is coming. Before you put on warm socks and slippers, remember to condition the skin on your heels and take care of nails. Find out which cosmetics to use to have beautiful and smooth heels. Learn about the best ways to exfoliate and moisturise the skin.

There are numerous methods for foot skin care. The most popular one is using a scrub or exfoliating the skin with a foot scraper. Choose coarse-grained products with a small concentration of fruity acids. You will see the skin on your heels will be smoother, softer and moisturised after the very first treatment. Remember to apply a moisturising cream and put on socks after the scrub. Do you know any other methods of taking care of heel skin and nails?

Exfoliating socks

The socks contain lactic acid, glycolic acid and salicylic acid as well as glycerol, allantoin and urea. These ingredients remove dead skin cells, callus, blisters and smooth the nails. Thanks to them, the skin becomes better moisturised, nourished and beautiful. How to use the socks? Soak your feet in warm water, remove nail polish and dry the skin. Take the socks out of the packaging and fill them in with an exfoliating liquid which comes with the socks. Leave them on for the time indicated on the packaging. If you like, you can put on cotton socks to make the treatment nicer. After this exfoliating treatment, rinse your feet with warm water. Don’t apply a cream. After more or less five days, the skin will start to flake off whereas after two weeks your feet will be smooth and beautiful.

Heel plasters

Moisturising, regenerating and softening – this is how heel plasters work. You stick them and leave on for twelve hours. Vitamins, urea and fruit extracts included help to condition the skin on the heels. The shape of the product makes the application easier. How to use it? Tear the paper off, bend the plaster and remove protective paper. Stick the middle part of heel plasters. Remove the other part of the foil and stick the ends right below the ankle. You can apply the plasters for the day or the night. You can see the best results after a few days of treatment.

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