How to take care of your skin in autumn? Effective treatments and cosmetics

beauty.jpgPigmentation, wrinkles, imperfections, broken blood vessels. These are the consequences of extended sunbathing, inadequate skin care in the summer and lack of UV protection. Check out what cosmetics to use and what treatments you should undergo in autumn, in order to have a healthy and beautiful complexion.

Imperfections: acne, blackheads, sebum

Acne and blackheads appear after exposing your skin to sun radiation for too long. During summer, under the influence of high temperature and solar radiation, sebaceous glands secrete less sebum. As a result, the skin becomes dry, water level in the body decreases, hydration of the skin is not sufficient. However, in autumn, sebaceous glands begin to produce more sebum, therefore the skin tends to oil and in consequence, blackheads, pimples and acne start appearing. How to fix this? A good idea is to try cosmetic acids treatment. Another effective way are dermocosmetics – products with natural ingredients. For daily care, use products designed for sensitive skin. Do not forget about moisturising face creams of a light texture.

After sun discolouration

Brown, red and pink spots are reminders of long sunbathing on the beach and the lack of adequate protection against UV radiation. Discolouration also arise when you are using photosensitizing agents, for example, medication or perfume. And how to get rid of these imperfections? Use brightening products containing vitamin C and acids. Good results will also lead to treatments using laser or chemical peels. The latter can be done in any beauty salon.

Broken capillaries

This problem applies to people who have sensitive skin. They usually appear as streaks or blotches and are commonly known as spider veins because of their tree branch, or spider web-like, shape. They are formed under the influence of low or high temperatures or the use of harsh cosmetics. What to do to have smooth skin? First of all, do not use coarse scrub, do not use steam room and do not rub your face hard. To fight against broken capillaries you will need vitamin K, PP, C, A and E. What is more, laser treatments can bring very good results. During daily care, make sure to use cosmetics containing natural ingredients.

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