Picão Preto: A plant-based alternative to retinol that you should know!

All-natural skin treatments are continuously gaining in popularity, thus nowadays there are many new cosmetic constituents extracted from plants. One of them is Picão Preto – an Amazonian alternative to retinol, 100% plant-based and eco-friendly, which women with mature skin seem to fall in love with.

The desire to preserve youthful looks for longer drives us to keep searching for new solutions, develop new anti-ageing strategies and discover new possibilities. In this pursuit of youth, scientists keep discovering new ingredients that are proven to help skin get younger even faster and more effectively in a natural way.

Among the latest discoveries there is Picão Preto extract that is now hailed as the eco-friendly alternative to retinol.

Picão Preto: What’s that?

Picão Preto is a herb native to Amazon terrains – so far unknown to other regions of the world, now it’s getting its way to the realm of beauty to enrich our day-to-day skin treatments. Where does it come from and what makes it different from other substances having similar effects on the skin?

This is a 100% plant-based, natural and eco-friendly ingredient whose effects on skin are defined as similar to retinol’s. Picão Preto is proven to contain over 200 various chemical compounds that make it a potent substance having an incredibly positive effect on skin. Although fro centuries the native people of Amazon have been using Picão Preto for medicinal purposes (e.g. to speed up wound healing and heal sunburns), this plant’s applications in the cosmetic industry hasn’t been analyzed since now!

Picão Preto uses in skin care

What makes Picão Preto have such beneficial influence on the skin?

Firstly, it’s proven to be an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic substance. It also deals with oxidation pretty well. Additionally, Picão Preto is able to dilute capillaries so that they are more efficient in delivering nutrients to the skin without breaking (note: broken capillaries lead to spider veins).

Secondly, Picão Preto provides strong protection – it shields the skin from everything that leads to premature ageing. This means that Picão Preto protects skin from free radicals, moisture loss, toxins, UV rays, strong wind and urban pollution.

Being incorporated into more and more anti-ageing products, Picão Preto is called “green retinol” mainly because it’s able to rejuvenate the skin, restore resilience and vitality. It’s also worth mentioning that Picão Preto reduces the adverse effects of free radicals, which is why thanks to Picão Preto skin isn’t exposed to premature ageing.

How does Picão Preto work on skin?

The benefits of Picão Preto on skin are truly surprising and include among others the following (note: these are only some of its benefits on skin):

  • Makes skin more supple and resilient.
  • Fills in the wrinkles by stimulating collagen production in skin.
  • Shields skin from oxidative stress.
  • Brightens discolorations and minimizes the risk of new pigmentation spots.
  • Strengthens the natural skin defense mechanisms.
  • Leaves skin hydrated, nourished and beautiful.

Picão Preto extract – application

Who should take an interest in Picão Preto and introduce this natural substance into the daily beauty routine? Mostly the people who are looking for something that could help them delay skin ageing better than retinol does.

Beauty products enriched with Picão Preto are recommended for mature skin owners, for those with fine lines and pigmentation spots, and for those whose skin is dehydrated, easy-irritated and ageing.

The good news is that Picão Preto extract is now becoming more and more common so the number of skincare products containing this miraculous substance is constantly growing. The producers see a huge potential that Picão Preto has so they keep introducing its extract to various skin treatments. Thanks to this, skincare products with Picão Preto extract such as face creams, face serums and rejuvenating facial masks are widely-accessible everywhere. What’s important, these products are natural and safe for the environment so they reflect the prevailing beauty trends.

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