Eyelash serums worth the hype. Our 6 TOP PICKS

What to do to get thick and dense lashes?

How to choose the best lash serum?

How to strengthen lashes so they stop falling out?

You surely ask yourself these questions. The key is to choose the right eyelash serum so your eyelashes gain valuable protection against damage and become voluminous and accentuated. If your hairs are exceptionally thin and patchy, mascara only may not be enough. See our ranking of the TOP 6 eyelash serums that will transform your look in a flash.

What nourishes eyelashes the best?

If you wish to regenerate your eyelashes from within, a good lash serum is going to work amazingly. It’s a safe product rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and polypeptides that act at the root of the problem. After a few weeks of regular use, you’re going to notice that they got back their natural glow, became more supple and stopped falling out. Each day you’re going to see more and more lashes that make up for a beautiful frame for your eyes. A lash serum envelops each lash individually with a protective barrier and prevents water from escaping.

Ranking TOP 6 eyelash serums


More about the product here www.nanolash.com

This lash serum is appreciated by women and professional makeup artists all over the world. After just 30 days of use, your lashes will be doubled in length, stronger and thicker. Its effectiveness is authenticated by a number of research and the opinions of satisfied users. Only four weeks are enough for your lashes to be healthy. It’s a unique eyelash serum with a natural and safe ingredients list so you don’t have to worry about any irritation. The precise, handy brush allows for easy dosing of the product and an enjoyable application. The ingredients of the Nanollash serum reach deep into the lash follicles, acting from within. They contribute to faster hair growth, darkening and volume enhancement. It’s a fantastic method to improve lash appearance.


More about the product www.lashcode.us

One of the best lash serums on the beauty market. It also ensures twice as long lashes, density and thickness as you always desired. Its refined formula nurtures, regenerates and strengthens thin and sparse hairs while its precision applicator makes using it every day an easy task.  The Lashcode eyelash serum guarantees deep nourishment and revitalization that leaves hairs stronger, voluminous and longer. After just two weeks you will be able to notice the incredible results. The composition includes soy and wheat germ extracts with anti-ageing qualities; baicalein is full of flavonoids that form a natural UV filter; peptide complex stimulates the synthesis of keratin and regenerates lashes.


This is an effective lash serum which leaves lashes stronger and longer. It was created in mind with those who are not entirely satisfied with how their lashes look. The first results will be visible after a few weeks of use. Thanks to the everyday systematic application of this special lash serum, every little lash will become longer, stronger and will look more striking. The Revitalash serum guarantees quick reconstruction and regeneration. Dermatological and ophthalmological studies confirm that using this product is completely safe. Its advanced formula speeds up lash growth and strengthens them from the follicles to the very ends. What’s more, the product contains natural ginseng, ginkgo biloba and calendula extracts which care for the sensitive eye area.


This lash serum helps darken the colour of your lashes and provides the right level of hydration, regeneration and shine. This effective product is perfect for non-demanding consumers who just wish to improve their looks. RapidLash is equipped with a thin, precise brush for easy application. It is the perfect base for mascara as it prepares the lashes for makeup. The lash serum contains hydrating, nourishing and caring ingredients which eliminate the problem of damaged weak hairs.


A lash growth serum that will surely improve your look. Its formula promotes lash growth, lengthens them significantly and is responsible for their regeneration. Each day, your lashes will get stronger and gain valuable protection from damage. You will see results after just 1-2 months of everyday use. The Xlash serum takes care of the proper hydration level, nurtures hairs from their follicles to the very ends and regenerates them. You can expect faster hair growth and better hair condition. The composition offers a range of nourishing ingredients that are safe and mild for the eyes.


The FEG serum doesn’t really stand out from its competition but it does promote hair growth pretty effectively as well as strengthens and nourishes the hairs. It won’t really work for demanding consumers who value permanent extra density and hair thickening. The FEG eyelash serum has a consistency that prevents the product from getting in your eyes. Simply apply a small amount at the roots of your upper lash line after careful makeup removal. The first effects are visible after 14 days of use – your lashes become darker and more striking.

A lash serum is a specially developed product whose aim is to stimulate lash follicles to grow, speed up lash growth and improve their condition. A good serum is going to prevent hair loss, protect it from damage and leave them shiny, surprisingly thick and long.

Start taking proper care of your lashes with an eyelash serum!

In our ranking, we compiled recommended eyelash enhancers which contain a range of valuable nutrients that are essential for your lashes. It’s a remedy for thin and weak little hairs so if you dream of improving the look of your lashes, get a good-quality product. Start taking care of and regenerating your lashes today!