How to Keep Hair Fabulous No Matter the Age or Weather Conditions?

Hair is women’s weak spot. Over years, it tends to thin and lose the color and shine. Still, hair damage is possible no matter the age. Changing seasons of the year, unsuitable hair-care products or extreme conditions like the wind, freezing weather or blistering heat may cause it. How to boast healthy and fabulous hair no matter the age or weather then?

1. Work on getting some volume.

You probably share this goal with lots of women: making the hair thicker and more voluminous. Unfortunately, genes often give us fine, brittle hair which additionally falls out in excess. Sometimes you can spot the hair getting worse because of so-called seasonal hair loss. How to give your hair more volume? Use strengthening scalp treatments and herbal toners, rubbing them into the scalp every day. The condition of your hair will change totally after around 3 months!

2. Wave thinning hair goodbye.

We lose from 50 to 100 hairs per day, which is normal and there is no need to worry. The problem arises when hair starts falling out in handfuls and your shower drain is clogged. As soon as the situation gets serious, you need to do hormone level tests and full blood count because hair loss may be a symptom of a disease or disorder. Remember that losing more hair may be linked with stress so it may be a good moment to do something about your life and slow down a bit. Ampoules for hair and scalp oil treatment (e.g. argan oil) is a brilliant remedy for hair loss. There are also blends of oils enriched with growth-boosting ingredients.

3. Do your hair, gently.

Remember that weak, thinning hair doesn’t need pulling or rubbing. Treat it gently, use a wide-tooth comb, no tugging. Find a natural-bristle brush which doesn’t tangle the strands. An ionic brush is a perfect tool just like Tangle-Teezer.

4. Revive your hair color.

Color-treated hair isn’t the only one to lose color fast. Unsuitable products and excess of proteins will make even natural hair dull-looking and shineless. You can revive the color by using emollient ingredients, ideally natural vegetable oils. Many of them are “specialized” in improving the hair color. Castor oil is a top pick which beautifully enhances dark hair. On the other hand, sweet almond oil and chamomile extract are amazing to boost shine and define the blonde hair.

5. Do you like your gray hair? Keep the shade vivid.

Gray hair can be lovely too. If you like your gray strands and don’t feel like getting them colored, make them look their best. Keep the hair shiny to enhance the shade. Also, get a good haircut that brings out its beauty.

Thankfully, there are products enhancing color and shine in gray hair. Go for rinsing products and toners made for brassy hair to get the gorgeous gray color. Remember that gray hair has no pigment so it’s dry and fragile. Reach for conditioners and masks that hydrate and keep gray hair healthy.

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