Redness, blemishes and scars… concealer to the rescue!

beauty.jpgThere is nothing more annoying than a red spot, scar or dark under eye circles still visible even after a very neatly done make-up. They ruin the effects of your hard work and attract too much attention. The only help for such imperfections is a concealer. The article describes the types of concealers and recommends which ones are suitable to hide any flaws on our skin.

Types of concealers:

  1. Liquid concealers
    These products are very popular, and provide different levels of coverage. Liquid consistency makes the application a lot easier. They work perfectly for hiding blemishes, scars and covering dark under eye circles.
  2. Concealer stick
    These have a very thick consistency. Unfortunately, clumsily use may do more harm than good. They are perfect for evening make-up because a broad sunlight will not emphasize its appearance.
  3. Pen concealer
    Its main task is to brighten your skin. It is possible due to the shimmering particles reflecting the light. Usually, they provide a light coverage. They are most popular when it comes to concealing the under eye area.

The ideal concealer should have the same shade as your foundation. It is worth remembering that is must be applied to your face after the foundation. This is the only way to fully cover all your imperfections.

Furthermore, there is a wide range of concealers of different colours. What are they for?

Concealers of different colours than the foundation shade are designed not only to cover blemishes and scars but also to neutralise them with an opposite colour. Thanks to this, we will use a lot less product than in the case of the same shade concealers. Their use, on the other hand, would require bigger amounts of full coverage foundations.

How to choose the colour? Depending on your needs, of course.

  • Green concealer – neutralizes red spots, blush and scars.
  • Yellow or orange concealer – masks dark under eye circles.

Tip: If you are afraid of using an orange concealer or simply do not intend to spend more money on beauty products, you might blend a little bit of lipstick with your favourite concealer. Remember that the lip product must be in a warm tone to neutralize the cool shade of your under eye circles.

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