Alphabet of youthful appearance, what ingredients to look for in anti-ageing creams

beauty.jpgAlphabet of youthful appearance, what ingredients to look for in anti-ageing creams.

Most of us wish to enjoy young and healthy look for a long time. We do realise that skin ageing is inevitable. However, there are reliable methods to slow the processes of ageing. It is only necessary to buy products rich in ingredients preventing the visibility of time passing on your skin.

What components might be considered as the ‘guards of time’?

1. Natural sunscreen

UV radiation is in 80% responsible for skin ageing and the appearance of wrinkles. The best filters are natural oils that can be bought in most drugstores. The best ones should be in a pure form, applied on the face as a serum. They are perfect for massaging the face – improve the blood circulation in the tissues of the skin. Especially recommended are the rose and argan oils – apart from natural sunscreen, they also provide anti-ageing properties.

2. Hyaluronic acid

It is irreplaceable when fighting against skin ageing. This is all-natural product, safe for our body. Hyaluronic acid basically smooths wrinkles, reduces their appearance. It appears in human body as sodium hyaluronate and the lack of this component of body fluids and skin tissues, causes tissue degradation and hampers water binding in the cells and therefore, the ageing of the body.

3. Retinol

This component works as an iron for wrinkles. Its presence in creams and anti-ageing preparations guarantees the effectiveness of the products. Retinol boosts the skin to regeneration. Consequently, it gains firmness, young, radiant and flawless look.

4. Arbutin

It is an organic chemical compound derived from plants (such as pear leaf, viburnum, blueberries, cranberries and marjoram herb). Additionally, it provides antiseptic and disinfectant properties. However, the most important feature is inhibiting the synthesis of melanin. In other words, arbutin prevents the formation of dark spots and sun spots and lightens any discolouration of the skin that can occur with age.

If we wish to slow down the time passing on the skin, it is advisable to reach for products rich in the above-mentioned ingredients. They are all 100% safe and really effective.

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